Help for Canvas (Drawing)

You can draw idea sketch, memo, ui design sketch, mindmap and so on with endless canvas on Puddle Sketch.

In Puddle Sketch, The minimum tools necessary for sketch with thinking are provided.

Scroll and Zoom out/in Paper

To scroll the canvas, please use 2 fingers scrolling.

And to zoom out/in on the canvas, pinch out/in with 2 fingers. For quick display at 100%, double tap with 3 fingers.

Share Paper

You can share from the button.

You can choose to share the entire canvas or the area shown on the display. And you can also set whether the background of the exported image is transparent.

Change Paper background

To change the paper background, please tap the button.

In addition to changing the background color to light, there are several options for displaying ruled lines.

Undo/Redo actions

When you want to undo, please tap the button.

Redo button is displayed only when it can be executed after pressing undo.

You can also undo when 2 fingers double-tapping

Change color

For Puddle Sketch, you can use the minimum required color. Each color can be used in 5 levels from light to dark.

You can change the color brightness by tapping the color button, or swipe left or right the color button to quickly change.

Drawing tools and tool options

Puddle Sketch has the basic tools necessary for idea sketch.

You can select tool options by tapping when each tool is active.


Pen options allow you to change the width and opacity.


Eraser options allow you to change the width. (Does not affect the width of the 1 finger eraser)


The cutting tool has a mode for selecting only lines and cutting them ( ), and a mode for selecting images included in the area together ( ).

The following actions can be performed on the cuted object:

To export to other apps by drag and drop, press and hold the cuted (selected) object.


The images be placed as an image object on the back layer separately from the drawing layer. By switching to image mode, you can rearrange the images once arranged.

You can change the scale of images with 2 fingers pinch in/out.

If you tap any image to select it, you can also duplicate or delete it.

Import images with drag & drop

When you drag & drop an image from another app onto the canvas, it is placed on the canvas as an image object.

Shortcut gesture

This app has some shortcut gestures that can be used on the canvas.

Apple Pencil gesture

Reshape & Zipline

You can draw a reshaped figure with drawing line or shape (circle, square, triangle…) and holding pencil for a moment.

After reshaped, you can edit the shape object of size and position. (Once completed, cannot be re-edited as a shape object.)

Single finger gesture

Finger eraser

Touch & swipe the canvas with one finger to erase the drawn lines.

Operation with one finger can be changed on the setting screen (the default is "Eraser"). See "(Single) Finger action on canvas" for options.

Quick select image (with double-tap image)

You can select the image quickly with (single finger) double-tap the image.

Long press menu

Press and hold with one finger to display the menu. You can paste the image from the menu.

Undo with 2 Finger double-tap

You can undo when 2 fingers double-tapping.

3-Finger gesture

Zoom to 100% (with double-tap)

Double tapping with three fingers sets the canvas zoom to 100%.

Double tap with three fingers when the magnification is 100% to display the entire canvas (Min: 25%).

Close canvas (with swipe down)

Swipe down with three fingers to close the canvas.

Move to next/prev canvas (with swipe left/right)

Swipe left/right with three fingers to move to next/prev (left/right) paper.

Show paper list (with swipe up)

Swipe up with three fingers to display the list of papers in the current sketchbook.

Select thumbnail of the list and then move to the paper.