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You can contact us to provide opinions and requests about Puddle Sketch.
Any opinions or requests you submit will be reviewed and will be used as a reference for providing our customers with better service.

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Puddle Membership ends on September 30th, 2021.

After September 30, all functions (except backup) will be available for free.

If you have already purchased a Puddle Membership, you can continue to use Cloud Backup until the expiration. And we will continue to suppot for Puddle Membership users. So if you have any problems, feel free to contact us.

We will delete your account & delete backup data after 1 month since it has been deactivated your membership subscription.

We plan to provide a function to export / import sketch data. (the date is undecided)

Thank you for supporting the members so far!!


What platforms does Puddle Sketch run on?

Inkdrop is available for iPadOS 13+.

Can I synchronize data between multiple devices?

Can't do it now. But we plan to provide inter-device sync using cloud backup in the future.

Can I restore from backup data?

Yes! You can restore all data backed up. Please refer to the help of "Settings & Others" for detailed procedure.

How can I permanently delete my backup data from server?

Please contact support, If you want to permanently delete your backup data.

How do I cancel my subscription plan?

You can cancel your subscription at manage subscription in settings view. Please keep in mind that if you cancel your subscription, backup data storage is not guaranteed after 6 months and more.